March 30th will be an interesting day. The Whelen Tour will be going up against the rescheduled PASS sanctioned race at Richmond.

The races are 2 hours apart.

The Richmond race has a decent purse, even if you subtract the $250 entry fee (presuming you didn't pre-register)
1st $7,000; 2nd $3,500; 3rd $2,500; 4th $1,800; 5th $1,500; 6th $1,300; 7th $1,200; 8th $1,100; 9th $1,000; 10th $900; 11th $850; 12th $800; 13th $775; 14th $750;
15th $725; 16th $700; 17th $700; 18th $700; 19th $700; 20th $700; 21st $700; 22nd $700; 23rd $700; 24th $700; 25th $700; 26th $700; 27th $700; 28th $700; 29TH $700; 30TH $700; 31ST $700; 32ND $700

I have scanned every article I can find from the last month and can only find 5 entrants.

Jimmy Zacharias, Robbie Babb, Dan Clatterbuck, Richard Savary, and Anthony Sesely.

Hirschman has Myrtle Beach on his calendar; where (if anywhere) will he race 2 weeks later?
Where will the southern cars show? Their series races the week before and the week after
Bowman Gray doesn't start up for a month, will anybody be there?

Fun fact - you could race consecutively starting Mar. 10 at Caraway (SMRS), Myrtle Beach (NWMT), Southern (SMRS), Richmond or South Boston, Caraway (SMRS), Orange County (SMRS), + 11 straight weekends at Bowman Gray.

That is 17 STRAIGHT weekends without leaving the NC/SC/Virginia area.