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Thread: 2015 Open Comp Modified Events?

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    2015 Open Comp Modified Events?

    What's going on with these? Sounds like the SBM 125 is gone. Monadnock is doing something according to their webpage. I have no idea where the Seekonk Open fits in. With Thompson running a limited Wednesday schedule and all the other Wednesdays up against a WMT event there aren't really any Wednesdays next summer that make sense. Maybe an Open Wheel Thursday? Is Lee in the mix for anything?

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    Right now, still waiting on schedules from ROC and Whelen Tour. But from the rumors I'm hearing.....

    Sunday, May 17 - Lee ( track rented out by the Tri Track Series )

    Saturday, June 13 - Monadnock ( track rented out by the Tri Track Series )

    Wednesday, July 22 - Seekonk Open Wheel Wednesday

    Waterford would be considered if things work out there.

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    I can't understand why more tracks wouldn't be interested in a TRI TRACK Open Competition Series Event. In 2014 the 3 events averaged over 36 Tour Type Modifieds per event, which is much higher than any of the Touring Series car count averages. Some of the tracks that can not afford a WMT event should be jumping at the opportunity to hold one of these events.
    I Love The Modifieds!!!!!

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