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Thread: VMRS @ Stafford 6-26-2015

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    VMRS @ Stafford 6-26-2015

    Will you be covering this Valenti Modified Race Friday night?

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    Gil, for future reference, as it has always been, all LIVE updates are on the front page. if it is not there, then we will not be covering it.
    Denise & Jim have previous plans for tomorrow night and we were not covering the VMRS race.
    I also received an email from Stafford Speedway today and it seems Stafford will not allow ANY LIVE coverage of any kind from today forward of ANY event at Stafford Speedway from any media source without written consent from the track.
    I am not sure why they are going this route. I will be addressing the future NWMT events with the track though, when the next one approaches, as NASCAR/Speed51 do LIVE coverage of the tour events. I don't understand how other media coverages would hurt in any way for those events. As for any event held at Stafford, they have a right to make any rules they want and I will totally respect what they want.
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    Richie, sorry to be such a pest. I will remember about the front page. I really don't know what is up with Stafford. They are not losing money on me because of the live broadcasts. They aren't getting my money because I was a jerk and ruined my lungs from smoking cigarettes. If it weren't for that, I'd be at the track. Good luck Saturday.

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