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Thread: 2017 TCH Top 5 Contest Rules & Info

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    2017 TCH Top 5 Contest Rules & Info

    The Top 5 contest for 2017 begins here

    1. TO PLAY: You must register as a member in our forum. Any forum member may make picks, provided they have their REAL First and Last Name in their registered profile. This is the only real requirement to be a member in our forums and registration is FREE.
    Please Note: IF a player is found to be using multiple user names or fictitious information in their profile, that player will be immediately disqualified for the season.

    2. TOP 5 SCHEDULE: The Top 5 contest will follow the 2017 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour 17 race schedule. In the event of a canceled race or any other grace of God reason a race can not have reasonable time to have members pick their picks, we, The Chrome Horn, reserve the right to possibly add an additional race to make the Top 5 a 17 race contest. The North South Shootout and Turkey Derby had been added over the years to make this up. We will see, and decide when, and if, a cancellation happens this year.

    3. PICKING: Picks will consist of a "Pole Winner/Heat Pole Winner", determined by NASCAR, and the "Top 5" finishers, again, as determined by NASCAR's official finish.

    IMPORTANT: Picks will be posted in this fashion,

    Pole: 2 Doug Coby

    1. 6 Ryan Preece
    2. 16 Timmy Solomito
    3. 2 Doug Coby
    4. 18 Ken Heagy
    5. 4 Todd Szegedy

    Driver name takes preference over car number.

    Please do not use special formatting (lists function), titles (we all know it's the Top 5 thread), dashes, symbols or smileys (we know you are happy playing already..lol). Just post as above only.
    The number of the position first, then a period, then a space and then your picks.... it makes it 100% easier to figure points this way.
    An example of why I need periods and spacing:

    18 Glen Reen
    22 Doug Coby
    37 Ryan Newman
    4 4 Todd Szegedy
    5 1 Rob Summers

    As I do the points, looking at this it can look like #18, #22, #37, #44, #51.... I could have 30 to 40 sets of points each race!!!

    4. GENERAL POSTING OF PICKS: All picks must be posted before time trials/heats start. Any picks after such time or any posts edited after such time will be considered void, period, NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be more than enough time to pick therefore there will be no exceptions after qualifying starts. Usually the thread is locked as time trials/qualifying begins, but I mention the above as occasionally during the season we may be at the track of the race and no access to lock the thread until well after the fact. In that case, the thread will be locked and any posts after the time that qualifying starts will be void (NO EXCEPTIONS).
    Also, if any member makes 2 or more separate posts of picks, only the first post will count. You can hit the edit button to change picks so there should be no need for multiple posts, which has happened in the past. Please make YOUR OWN PICKS. It seems that over the last few years someone has had a habit of copying picks and I will not tolerate this any longer. If picks are copied, it is quite obvious, they will be deleted and not count come race time. We are not children here and if you want to continue acting like a child, you WILL be treated as one!

    5. UNABLE TO POST PICKS IN TIME: In the case that a member may be away and can't post, another member may put up that member's picks. Just on the 1st line above the pole pick, note what member the picks are for. OR, you may PM or email me with your picks and as long as it is received before qualifying, they will be added.

    6. POSTING PICKS: I will try to start the Top 5 threads no later then 1 week ahead of each race.

    7. RACERHUB PERSONNEL: Any Chrome Horn and Racerhub personnel can play but will not count toward final points battle: the next in line will move up one spot at the end of the contest.

    8. POINTS: The point system will be the same as it has every year. 10 for pole and 10 for each dead on pick. 1 point will be deducted from each position away the finish is from the pick, UP or DOWN from the pick; EXCEPT the pole pick. You have it or you don't on the pole. Pole picks WILL NOT COUNT when there is a cancellation of time trials for any reason and cars are started according to NASCAR points. All will get 0 pole points if this happens.

    9. CONTEST: This contest will not be copied or point system used for any other game within TCH forum. All rights are reserved to TheChromeHorn.com at all times.

    10. SCOREBOARD: As soon as the unofficial finish is posted, I usually go over the thread and add the points there. You can keep checking the thread, which will be closed after qualifying starts, to check your points. Remember, they will be the unofficial finish. When the official results are released, the points page will say "OFFICIAL". This could be 1 to 4 days following a race (usually the following Tuesday with weekend races). If you see something added wrong, please PM me here in the forum.
    I will update and post the current scoreboard as OFFICIAL only after NASCAR'S OFFICIAL FINISH is released.

    The Scoreboard can be found here when available.

    Prizes, if any, TBT.

    Good Luck To All
    The Chrome Horn
    ..Richie Grodski
    www.TheChromeHorn.com | RGrodski@thechromehorn.com
    The RacerHub Network
    www.thechromehorn.com | www.longislandjam.com
    Old modifieds never die.........They just get updated.........

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    thanks Richie for another year to some good fun

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