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Thread: 2019 Top 5 Contest

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    2019 Top 5 Contest

    Welcome all to the 2019 Pick 5 Contest!

    We had a hearty group that participated last year. I hope that we have many of the same suspects join us this year, and that you recruit some others for this fun pool.

    The generalities will remain the same as in past years. But there are also some changes, so I will do my best to describe them here. These are primarily based on feedback after last season, so I have detailed the rationale where appropriate.

    We will follow the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and will submit picks for each NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race.

    - Picks will now be due at the start of the first practice session. This is a change from past years when it was due at the start of qualifying. This will keep it more level for those who do not have the ability to log on between practice and qualifying.

    - Picks will consist of seven drivers. (It is worth noting here that you are picking the driver, not the car number. Please specify if you are picking a Solomito, a Myers, etc. so that I know specifically which one)

    a polesitter this is obvious, who do you think will win the pole
    Five drivers, in order these are the drivers that you believe will finish in positions 1-5.
    An alternate this driver is only used if one of your 5 is unable to start the race for any reason. This can be due to mechanical issue, DNQ, illness. The alternate will only earn half points. If you have multiple of your 5 not start the race the alternate will replace the lowest thereof.

    Why an alternate? There are a few reasons. We are now picking before practice and qualifying. There were a few instances last year where a driver had to withdraw after a practice issue. In addition, I feel like the fields are going to be larger this year. I want to create some variety in picks, and also some risk-reward scenarios. Examples Riverhead/Wall Stadium race, do you pick a local? Preece is only running a partial schedule so will not have owner points. What if he has to withdraw due to an obligation?

    Example pick submission:

    Pole: 2 Coby
    1. 2 Coby
    2. 16 T. Solomito
    3. 51 J. Bonsignore
    4. 20 Zachem
    5. 85 Silk
    Alternate: 3 Swanson

    Point Awardment

    - Pole points will be awarded if your pick times in the Top 3. This is on a scale of 5, 3, 1 based on whether your driver times 1st, 2nd, or 3rd respectively. No qualifying bonus points will be awarded if qualifying is canceled.

    - Points will be awarded on a sliding scale. Your #1 pick is thus the most important/valuable.

    An accurate pick for your #1 spot is worth 15 points, and decreases 1 point for position from there.
    An accurate pick for your #2 spot is worth 13 points, and decreases 1 point for position from there.
    An accurate pick for your #3 spot is worth 12 points, and decreases 1 point for position from there.
    An accurate pick for your #4 spot is worth 11 points, and decreases 1 point for position from there.
    An accurate pick for your #5 spot is worth 10 points, and decreases 1 point for position from there.

    Your #1 is always 2 points more valuable than your #2, 3 points to your #3, 4 points to your #4, and 5 points to your #5. It is summarized in the attached chart.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	scoring chart.JPG 
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Size:	46.6 KB 
ID:	2772

    This was altered to add some weight to the scale. Previously a correct #4 pick was worth the same as a #1. Also, because it was plus or minus positions you actually were eligible for more point-scoring finishing positions for your #5 (1st place to 14th) than your #1 (1st place to 10th place). Now all can score points for 15 finishing positions.

    - Your worst race will be dropped.

    This is to allow for if life gets in the way, and also allows if somebody forgets and misses the first race. I want people to participate the whole year and not get disillusioned if they miss a race. (Also, I went back and re-ran points from last year. Only one overall finishing position in our rankings would have changed, and this was at the back end of the Top-10.)

    Good luck!

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    Mar 2007
    Looking forward to another season.

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    Thanks for setting this up, look forward to the full season.

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    bump to keep this alive

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    If you submit picks between when qualifying starts and the race starts there will be a 10 point deduction from your score and you are (obviously) not eligible for pole points.

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    It only took until the 2nd race for me to screw this up. I gave the lock time as the time of qualifying instead of before practice. The organizer needs to be taken behind the woodshed and given a whoopin'.

    Because of this snafu, the penalty program will start for the NEXT race.

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    I like it - somebody ended up using an alternate this week...

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    Free bump.

    Each race from here on picks due at start of first practice. Anything between then and start of race is 10 point deduction.

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    Bumpity bump

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    Friendly reminder - please specify which driver you are selecting if there are multiple with the same last name. Yes - I should know based on car #, but to make sure I don't screw it up...

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    Riverhead is nearly upon us. Will you roll the dice with a track local?

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    Regarding alternates - you will only get credit for the first eligible DNS.

    In other words - say your 2nd and 5th choice do not start the race. Your alternate will replace the driver from 2nd place, not the driver from 5th.

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    Approaching turn 3 for the year. Bumping this to make sure thread stays live

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    Bump ! Can you believe the season is almost over???

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