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    When the tour goes on long breaks - we lose our threads. Oh well.

    I thought Riverhead was going to provide some separation. I couldn't have been more wrong. Our AVERAGE was nearly 54 points. To give an idea - the lowest point total for the week was higher than the highest average in any previous race.

    Everybody got some pole points, with JustWinBaby being the only one to correctly guess Coby for the pole.

    High score for the week was bobgabes.

    No change at the overall top of the standings.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It is only fitting that we go from the race with the least standard deviation in our scores Ė to the one with the most.

    Many of us were wooed by the standard interlopers that come in for the NHIS race. They didnít all perform that well. There were a number of late accidents, which took out many of our picks. In addition the field was very large, which meant that any incident likely dropped your driver out of a scoring position.

    We had 8 people score in the 20ís. We had 2 score in the 30ís. And Ė we had 2 score in the 40ís. This means that the pack has tightened up drastically, as many had to use this race due to having one lower (see Stadium, Wall). The top 5 are separated by a mere 15 points. All 12 of us are within 53 points of one another.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It is fitting (there is that opening again) that in a race dominated by #2 - we featured a lot of 2nd's.

    2nd highest average of a race for the season (47.3)
    2nd lowest standard deviation (4.5)
    2nd lowest low score (41)
    2 winners for the week (bobgabes and RBH each scored 54)

    Maybe the most impressive statistic is that not a single pick scored 0 points.

    top step remains the same, but some mild jumbling beyond that. We return to CT a week from tonight.

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    Sorry folks for the delinquency in getting points updated. Work has been beyond hellacious. I assure you I will get to it soon.

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    Thompson3 Results

    Here are the much delayed Thompson results. (Oswego will come later).

    We were relatively tight - only a 4 point average deviation. Lowest point total was still 35. A lot of people had Coby winning the pole which helped.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    These are (conditional) Oswego results. The tech inspector sent fuel out for analysis so these may be revised.

    This was another low variance race, only 4.2 points on average. Low was still 39 points, which would have been above average in 4 of the races. TourMods got a little breathing room by scoring the highest for the week. Scott came back strong, losing the week by only 1 point and jumping up to 3rd in the rankings.

    The average standard deviation for the year is 6.3 points, so if I look at those within 25 points as to having a solid shot - there are still 4 within striking distance.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    2nd Riverhead race has come and gone. The Riverhead regulars who did good in the 1st race didn't do as good in the 2nd. Meanwhile other Riverhead regulars stepped up. That, plus Coby and Silk basically finishing out of the points, created some havoc. Low is 18 and then we had two in the 40's

    TourMods retains the point lead by 9.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	riverhead2.jpg 
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    We wouldn't want it any other way. Our points battle is tighter than the actual one.

    There is a 3-way battle for the overall win. The top 3 have pulled away, with an 18 point gap back to 4th place. They are also the only 3 to exceed 600 points.

    The last two weeks have been mediocre for TourMods, at least by his lofty standards. Meanwhile Scott was over 5 points above average. This has allowed him to catch and pass for the overall lead. He has a 2point buffer going into the last race. Some interesting statistics about this...

    TourMods actually has more overall points, but Scott's low race was lower (11 points versus 18).
    Scott has the single lowest amount of pole points accrued through the season.

    And ready to play spoiler? Cornellsgt12. He is only 4 points behind Scott and 2 behind TourMods.

    Stevie Goodyear had the highest score for the NHIS race (by 4 points I might add).
    Stafford saw all but 3 participants get into the 50's. Scott had the highest there with 58.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm screwing myself but my alt. pick should be getting 4.5 points (rules), if I could only get the pole correct. Hope Thompson does me good.

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