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Thread: TCH Top 5 Scoring - 2020

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    TCH Top 5 Scoring - 2020

    Will get statistics up later. Having an issue posting (so yes - sorry for the formatting issues as well)
    JustWinBaby had the best race score, with 53. Len was close behind was 52.
    Stevie Goodyear has the overall lead however due to 5 qualifying points. (Remember - no qualifying points are dropped this year - only your lowest race point total).

    StevieGoodyear 56
    Bobgabes 55
    JustWinBaby 53
    len 52
    MOD11Racer 50
    RBH 49
    Moa57 45
    Jeff 44
    TourMods 43
    MJ Procko 42
    suelenlynsey 41
    Fastbackss 39
    Scott 33
    Blake 30

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    High score for the week was 47 (Tour Mods). Low score was 32.
    Standard deviation was lower this race (almost 2 points versus first race) however average score was 2.5 points lower.

    Code to the below - first number is this race (without pole points). 2nd number is the total score (best single race + pole points , minus drop)
    Stevie - 43 57
    Bobgabes - 34 56
    Tourmods - 47 55
    Justwinbaby - 43 54
    Len - 0 52
    Mod11 - 45 51
    RBH - 33 50
    MJ procko - 41 47
    Fastbackss - 41 46
    Scott - 45 46
    Jeff - 45 45
    Moa57 - 32 45
    Suenlynsey 0 41
    Blake- 39 39
    Last edited by fastbackss; 07-10-2020 at 11:12 AM. Reason: accidental omission

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    I got left out?

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    Oops - post updated

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    Tough to study due to two getting in late picks+penalty (jeff/MJ)
    Moa had best score for week since MJ got penalty. Tightest standard deviation. Close overall (only 2 races counted of 3)
    Code to the below - first number is this race (without pole points). 2nd number is the total score (best single race + pole points , minus drop)
    Stevie - 43 100
    Bobgabes - 41 97
    Justwinbaby - 43 97
    Mod11Racer - 40 96
    Tourmods - 34 95
    Moa 57 - 47 92
    Jeff - 28 89
    Fastbackss - 42 88
    RBH - 37 87
    MJ procko - 37 84
    Scott - 45 46
    Jeff - 35 81
    Blake - 28 69
    Len - 0 52
    Suenlynsey 0 41

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    Jennerstown 2 Results

    A lot of people got caught out by Silk not running. Luckily all of you had alternates at the ready. Many picked Swanson as alternate. Others had Emerling. Those who had Swanson fared better.

    Bobgabes, Justwinbaby, and RBH all tied for the top race score with 49.

    Bobgabes ascended to the top of the leaderboard. Interestingly he doesn't have the most points overall, but does once you factor in drops and pole points. He has 4 more pole points than MOD11Racer and 10 more than JustWinBaby. If pole points were excluded OR drop race was removed, they would be at the top.

    Going to be a quick stretch here - so please try to keep up and not waste a race with a zero!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	postj2.JPG 
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Size:	95.8 KB 
ID:	2806
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	j2.jpg 
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ID:	2807

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    post Monad

    We had a few forget to enter picks - hopefully that is only time they use their zero.

    For second race in a row we had a tie for race lead with 49 - this time was Tour Mods and Stevie Goodyear. This pushed TourMods into a tie for the lead with JustWinBaby - so there was a lot of shake-up at the top of the standings. Top 7 are all within 20 points.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	post monad.jpg 
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ID:	2808

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    Thompson netted our first 50-burger of the year. TourMods used it to jump from 2nd to 1st. JustWinBaby posted the 2nd highest score of the week to stay in the top 2.

    Top 5 remain within 12 points of each other.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	post-thomps.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	thomps1.jpg 
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ID:	2810

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    Not one of us got a single pole point for the NHIS race. With that preface, it was still the lowest standard deviation race.

    Blake and TourMods tied for week lead with 51. This pushed TM out to a 10 point lead.

    Top 5 remain within 20 points with a minimum of 2 races to go.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NHIS post.jpg 
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Size:	92.6 KB 
ID:	2811
    -Mike (still angry with himself for believing he added Santos, thinking about it multiple times, and still never doing it).

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    Post Stafford

    Normally the CT tracks are our least deviant, given the number of races held there each year. This year was an outlier, with the Stafford race being our 2nd largest standard deviation. (First race of season was the worst)

    It also was our 2nd lowest average score race, trailing only the 2nd White Lake race.

    TourMods was 2 points off the high score of the week, which enabled him to bolster his lead. He has a comfortable 14 point lead going into the final race. Also his low score is identical to 2 of his nearest competitors.

    The battle for 2nd is very close, with 3 people spanning 4 points.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	post-staff.jpg 
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ID:	2812
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	staff.jpg 
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ID:	2813

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    Pole points have been issued. TourMods was one of 3 to correctly pick Coby and get max points. That does not help those chasing him. But picking Coby did jump JustWinBaby into 2nd place.

    It appears JustWinBaby will have to outpoint TM by 17 to take the win. Bobgabes will have to by 20. Drivers that could factor in to this include Swanson, Nocella, and McKennedy.

    As for season long pole points:

    Tour Mods - 25
    Bobgabes - 17
    RBH - 17
    fastbackss - 14
    Moa57 - 14
    MJ Procko - 14

    all others had 13 or less

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    Final Results - 2020

    Well folks - thanks for hanging in on an abbreviated season. Ten of us participated in all 9 races, with two others doing at least 4. Hopefully we can do the same and then some next year.

    Thompson turned into a little bit of a bust in terms of excitement (for us). Coby's wreck affected all of us - as we all had him finishing in the top 5. This was one of the reasons the standard deviation was the lowest (by nearly 2 whole points) versus any other race. Low score was 35, high score was 43.

    TourMods took the overall win. Congratulations!! It was a victory by almost half an average race, which is impressive over a 9 race stretch.

    JustWinBaby and StevieGoodyear finished the podium.

    Stevie had the same average per race as TourMods when all races were considered. The drop was the arbiter. If you take the drop race out (so 8 best races) TourMods was ~0.75 points better per race. Stevie's drop of 39 was the highest. Everyone else had a 36 or lower.

    TourMods also dominated the Pole Points section, as articulated in the prior post. He added nearly 3 points per race.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	thomps2.jpg 
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ID:	2814

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	finalp.jpg 
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ID:	2815

    What do you think - should we do Turkey Derby for giggles?

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    No & Yes
    No because this is WMT based.
    No because there were several other mod shows; Tri track, MRS, open, etc.
    No because Turkey Derby is a big crap shoot

    YES but not part of the standings because it is a guess as to who shows up.

    Thanks for running it this year as we all needed something positive to look forward to.

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    Now that is an amount of detail I like! Thank you!

    I meant just for fun - not for standings. Something else to look forward to as you said.

    But now that you said it...maybe we should have an alternative game next year...for some of the open shows!

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    Fun contest as always, thanks for posting and running it, congrats to TourMods. Looking forward to next year.

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