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    The Himes Museum

    Hey Everyone,
    Just wanted to put a quick note out that The Himes Museum of Motor Racing Nostaligia has a fully updated website with hundreds of pictures now. More photos are coming weekly to the site. Visit it at !!

    Also, Marty Himes' Liberty Special #250 Ford Victoria race car is in the Cradle of Aviation Museum for the viewing of the "NASCAR 3d IMAX Movie." You can find the information on times and what not HERE .
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    Bryan M. Johnson

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    The Himes Museum website was updated once again with about 48 historical photos of the Figure 8 drivers from the past as well as a few present. Check them out, and leave Marty some kind words!
    Bryan M. Johnson

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    Really nice site Bryan, Great job, Thank you .
    I don't know why there ARE 381 views at this time and only 1 reply (which was your own). I was wondering who was the guy kneeling down on the left side of this picture, I see Marty Jr and Roger, but who ARE the rest ? picture
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