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Thread: 24 hours of NASCARE

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    24 hours of NASCARE

    The NASCARE event will take place as scheduled on Sunday, July 31st......BUT there will be a "Pre-Race" party on Saturday night.
    We have a few weeks to put it together. Put down some ideas and also post on here who is going to attend the party so I have a better idea of how to plan it.

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    BLING WILL BE THERE!!!!! *clearing my schedule for the whole weekend* My best friend will most likely be accompanying me as well...

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    Thumbs up

    Count me in...... Don't want to miss any more fun... What time might the party get rolling ? ( Pre-Race Party ) ( estimate )

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    Who is going to be my designated alarm clock so I can make it to the race?

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    Just stay up partying until the race starts - problem solved

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    I'm looking at about 3 hours of sleep, or no sleep at all.
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    Groho, I have no clue when it will start, but I know it won't end till about day break, or when all the beer is gone.

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    The thing is petey I need one myself.

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    Is there a age limit for Saturday because our team may come down to run the practice session. There are a few members on the pit crew including me under 21.

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    No age limit, but Pa. state law says you must be 21 to partake in adult, yellow, foamy refreshments. I will have soda there, too, for our age challenged brethran.

    To Joe G.- Things will get going after the cars come off the track practicing in "happy Hour". (around 8pm).

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    Sounds Good we will be there.

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    I'll be there for the real happy hour and for the 2nd hour festivities for a bit
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    Yeah me too Matt, should I bring some fire crackers?

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    the southampton crew will be there for saturdays fun. we have about 6 cars coming and about 15 people.

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