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Thread: Bill Steen

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    Bill Steen

    Not sure how to do this, But lets start a poll to show billy how much we want him back.

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    Who wouldn't want him back.. He is a first class racer, and always has been.. He should never have been treated the way he was.. And what makes it worse is, since, I have seen numerous cars do what he was blamed for, and nothing happen to them..
    One particular guy, a *favorite* if you will, raced like 10 laps with a cone under his car!! And nothing was said or done. And recently I saw a car hit one, and I saw another get blamed for it, even though all the track crew saw it differently...And from what I heard over the radios, the head cheese in charge was told it was not the guy who they were sending to the rear who hit it, but another, and the response was, I don't care, send him to the rear.
    I really miss watching Bill race, been watching him race for over 30 years.. But I do undertstand his frustration and then some, and I would not want to come back to a place who gave me the disrespect he got that night.. I would want an apology at the very least. There was no reason to treat him the way they did.. That's how you lose drivers, first class ones at that.. Keep on doing that and there will be no one to race someday..

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    This is a bad question but im asking it mainly because I haven't been there but where has the dean gone? and yea I want him back.
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    Bill left because of a call that the officials made the supposedly said that he had hit one of the infield cones. Eventhough this year i have seen the 22 hit the cones many times without being dq'ed or sent to the rear.

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    Hey Brian, the last race I did indeed hit the cones twice. The first time Baxter #74 cut down on me and the second time Kenny #58 cut down on me. I had the inside lane and the outside cars cut down on me both times. The cones are a sore spot because I could have possibly avoided both crashes if they weren't there. By the way, did you notice that I finshed last? I was sent down for rough riding. I guess if you have the inside lane and the outside car cuts down on you, you're rough riding. Hope you're happy now.


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    I have seen many drivers hit the inside cone w/o punishment. This thread is not a he said she said about cones, it is to hopefully encourage Bill Steen to return to competitive racing at Riverhead. I for one hope he returns, he keeps a nice looking car and puts on a good show.

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    As a former official who has had 1 run in with Bill, I can tell you that he can be one of the most mind-set persons you'll meet. If he thinks he's right, you won't change his mind. That's also one of the things that makes him the competitor he is. For someone to stop doing what he loves, to stand up for what he thinks is right, is admirable. [right or wrong, it's not for me to say] Bill Steen, you have my respect.
    Consistancy is the key.

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    Sorry Will I looked at the results that had printed out and picked the wrong week and the week you were talking about steen did not hit the cones and he wound up finishing up front. Sorry for the mix up.

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    How I hate to change the score, because the score right now before my vote was 23 Even though Bill knows my answer I have to vote that he's sorely missed and that Blue and Yellow 23 car too!

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