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Thread: Congrats Mr. Sescila

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    Congrats Mr. Sescila

    Congrats on your 1st win of the year. You held off Lou Maestri who was really charging hard. A well deserved win.
    R.I.P. Joe This 3rd one is for you!!!!!

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    Congratulations Bryan and Crew on your first win this year.. that was a great race.. hope to see you guys in victory more this year..
    ~66~ ~7ny~
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    Beautiful, just Beautiful

    Congrats Bryan from your favorite personal videographer.
    Well Done, Well Earned, Well worth the price of admission, Well, that's it.

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    Mike Fields
    I'll go even one better. Congrats to Bryan's brother, who got a lot better news than just a racing win. Glad to hear it Joe!

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    Congrats to both Bryan and Joe...some good news and good luck can do wonders for you! Talk to you both soon...

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    Mortgage Guy
    Hey congrats on your win and nice job on the BONE this morning, way to promote your sponsors and the race track...Good job

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