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Thread: a little confused here

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    a little confused here

    i looked at the results....and it says 27-dq- i read why....then it says 81-dqed what happened with that?

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    Charlie's Angel
    Hey Vin, the 27 got dq'd because they said his car was too light. They took his win away. I felt so bad for Jimmy. It was his first feature win. As for Chris they said he was rough riding the 13 and then they said he was cursing on his radio I believe. That's the scoop anyway. As for me, I say Jimmy D. took down the win and did it beautifully!

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    rough riding

    The car of Chris Turbush was accused of rough riding the 21 car, not the 13, from what I gathered in the pits after the race, so I don't know about any cursing on the radios. Then half the field would be DQed for that. It's done by everyone from time to time, racing there, you can't help yourself from cursing, and as far as the rough riding is considered, the 21 had himself sideways and then Chris had no where to go, and just barely tapped him and around he went. So, if that's rough riding, then I guess they see things differently than I do. So Dozer, don't let it get you down bro, just watch the tape and redeem yourself next week. They finally start enforcing the rough riding rule and then enforce it on a situation that didn't warrant it from my stand point. There were plenty of other instances of it during that race that went unnoticed for sure, and once again, as I always say, it's just my point of view of what I saw last night. Joey C. CMR Motorsports

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    The black flag given to the 81 was an absolute terrible call by the officials. The 81 had position on the inside of the 21, and the 21 just came down in the turn as if a car was not there. Chris in the 81 had no where to go. The 21 has to do something because week after week his car is sideways in the turns with the left front wheel almost off the ground. The 21 crew makes no adjustments on the car at the track. I guess that they think the car will somehow get better as the day goes on, Apparently not. Week after week drivers have a problem with the 21. I think that says someone about his performance on the track. If this kid wants to be succesful i'd suggest going to a dirt track cause the car is sure set up for one. The 81 had the car to beat and he was straight out screwed.

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    Angry the bullfather

    Note: Did anyone see Chris Turbush tap Beutler in turns 3-4 and didn't push through?

    There was a few times Turbush could have pushed right through Beutler, but let off the gas and almost caused a wreck behind him as fellow competitors piled up behind him. Beutler is a great kid, from what I've seen he has total respect for his fellow drivers and keeps it clean on the track. But he also doesn't have the fastest car on the track and races his line. Should he get out of the way? No, He has right to race for position. But, we're at the Bullring of Riverhead here, Turbush didn't drive through him!
    Peter Milano

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    I personally did not see the incident but I checked out the tape and it definitely showed the 21 come chopping down, 81 jammed on his brakes.

    From what I hear, one of the officials had a close eye on the 81?
    I just can't wait til the end of the year. I cant wait to move off this island!! Hopefully, it's sooner than I think.

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    I second that!!

    Turbo, that's why we are building our car for Waterford next year, due to the fact that most nights after Waterford, you can load up and do nothing all week, instead of staying in the shop 5 nights a week till the wee hours of the morning. I am too old and to tired for that nonsense. We just want to race and race with rules enforced the way they should be. I will always have a place in my Heart for the 'Head, but can't muster up the will to race there week in and week out anymore. It's one of the reasons I left the 13 charger car this year, to pursue other venues of this sport and see where we go from there. Joey C
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    Charlie's Angel
    Oh I thought it was the for the 13, sorry for the misinformation. I didn't actually see it. I was sitting with JA and I thought that's what he had said. As for the cursing on the radios. Again I was speculating because that is what the announcer said. He said cursing on the radios. Which if it were for that, I completely agree. Everyone should be dq'd then.. LOL Not to mention that Chris had every right to be pissed off.
    We got sent off the track this season as well. I have heard many different opinions on that situation as well. Since that day, I don't even try to understand the calls that are made each week. I've seen some very bad calls in all of the divisions. All I can say is that Chris knows he is a good driver and hopefully can brush this off and get back to racing a good race next week. I know it's hard because we dealt with it and if anyone knows Charlie you know he has never rough rided anyone intentionally. So good luck next week to Chris and Jimmy D who got a horrible call too.

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