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Thread: Who won.

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    Who won.

    Sat 8/13,who won the 4 cyl demo?

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    Ian Arthur

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    That guy who won should have won it 20 minutes before he actually did.. He was the only one moving, and still crashing into another car.. This other guy, it seemed like the track was hoping he'd restart or something.. He was trying, but after almost 20 minutes of not being able to start, I would say he was finished.. When do they call it? Can they wait days? What in the world was going on..?

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    Back when, the time limit was two minutes, as per Larry Mendlesohn. These days, I'm really not sure.

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    What about the guys who got out of their cars after they were eliminated, ran across the track and onto the backstretch wall? I could see getting out if they had a fire, but that didn't seem too smart....

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    Yes, they gave me a long time to try to get moving again, I dont know why. I thought it was odd at the time, too. It has nothing to do with favoritism. They didn't even give me second place, or officials choice, or whatever they call it.

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    It was a good demo I had a great time .It was the best demo I was ever in.

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