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Thread: Question regarding the mutha

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    Question regarding the mutha

    Hey billy, I don't see on the program if any practice time will be givin for the november 19/20 race, will there be time for practice? What is the top ten race going to be like and how will qualifying work for the sunday line up?
    Thank you.

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    That's 3 questions WEEZ, lol.

    #1-There will be "Happy Hour" type practice for both divisions on Saturday...none on Sunday. You MUST have your transponder on for practice Saturday or you will be not allowed on track..
    #2-The Norwich Construction Top Ten Challenge race will be just for our top ten in points in each division as a bonus to them and an added attraction to see our top drivers battle it out with each other without 50 other cars. It will be ten cars...ten laps. Both divisions will also receive a purse= $100 to win+ trophy, 75, 50, 40, 30, 25, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20. Only current top ten in points will be substitutes. Line up will be an invert of points (10th in points on pole...point leader last).
    #3-Qualifying will be the same as last year, ten car heats...ten laps. Where you finish in your heat will determine your feature line up. Any cars not present on Saturday will be lined up in the back of the qualified cars on Sunday.

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    Do The TruckS Run On Sat. Or Sunday? I Can't Make It On Sunday.

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    You're in luck...The TRUX run on Saturday

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