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Thread: Where to begin???

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    Where to begin???

    I don't know where to begin.
    I just can't believe how 200+ people could keep a secret from me for that long. I had not one clue on what was going on...probably because I had never had a suprise birthday party in my life. I am always the one doing the suprising to others.
    All I can say is you guys/girls are good. The party, the cards, the presents were all wonderful and I will never forget them. I am just glad I didn't cry ( I was close) in my thank you speeches on the mic...I would of been very embarrassed.
    I have to keep thanking the ones who did all the work in putting this together for me...I thought you were friends and I said you were my I am positive. Finding out how much you mean to me was the greatest birthday gift I have ever recieved.

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    Thumbs up Happy Birthday

    Billy I just would like to say Happy Birthday,many more to come.Jcenduro#29

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    Billy we are ALL GRATEFUL for YOU! Your the BEST! Your Friendship means everything to all of us. We know you would have done this for us and we ALL just wanted to give something back to YOU! "I DON"T KNOW" how you didnt suspect something Friday night DAM you and those "tables"!
    I just want to also "THANK EVERYONE" who helped out ESP. When I was CALLED away to work at the track in the middle of setting up this party!
    Thanks Lisa

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