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Thread: Surprise of 2006 - Chargers

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    Surprise of 2006 - Chargers

    The Chargers has been a division of surprises, as it has virtually a total different cast of characters from previous years.

    My surprise has to be Ratti in the James Becht car... I expected Ratti to be pretty good out of the box, but not lightning fast. 3 wins and on top of the points, I think this has been a pleasant surprise for 06!

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    Brian Doyle stepped it up big time this year.
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    For me the biggest surprise of 2006 is the bad luck for both Chris Mcguire and Chris Turbush. These are 2 guys I thought would be on top of the points all year but the good luck chips have not fallen their way. Hopefully they can turn it around before the end of the year.

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    Steve Ratti -who's your daddy, has been awesome-Rob Tribuzio also been very steady.

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    I agree bulldozer, especially considering that Rob Tribuzio has been driving with that injury to his elbow, and Steve Ratti got into an 'unfamiliar' race car.
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    Steve could win in almost anyones car out there, it doesn't have to be familiar to him. He is a racer through and through, so it's no surprise to me that he would do well in a Charger that cost as much as any late model out there. That is a top notch car, with a top notch driver, and James is a great guy, just didn't have the seat time like Steve. It's the move of the year in all divisions as far as I can see.
    So my surprise is how well Darin Miller has done this year from past years. Way to go Darin.
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    Mike Schwarz winning this year was a surprise to me. He's pretty consistent in that car.
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